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I have used the Five to Fold Decision making process for more than five years. As an organizational consultant I have introduced the method to several of my clients, mainly public organizations here in Sweden. This has many times lead to powerful breakthroughs.  Five to Fold is a decision making process that enables powerful and conscious decision making. I am deeply grateful to Chris Weaver who has developed and shared this holistic tool.  ~Thomas Hermann, Open Space Consulting, Sweden

       Five to Fold is a versatile decision-making process that can be used at any and all levels of a purpose-centered organization.  The method builds trust, responsibility, and commitment, and results in powerful decisions that people are invested in implementing.  Originally developed ten years ago by Chris Weaver, Five to Fold is now used as the primary decision-making process for the international Genuine Contact Co-Owners group.  Five to Fold is also used in organizations served by Genuine Contact Professionals in Europe, India, Africa, Canada, and the United States.

Five to Fold Decision-Making

‚ÄčAn Online Workshop for Leaders, Consultants, and Others Committed to Purpose-Centered Organizations

Learn how to facilitate a decision-making process that efficiently accesses the full wisdom of any group, administrative team, or board of directors. 

Co-Facilitated by Chris Weaver & Thomas Hermann            

Dates Arranged by Request; Face-to Face Workshops Also Available by Request